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I’m really excited about starting Hillsong College Online! Right now I’m taking the Vocational Online for Pastoral Leadership. I’m doing this full time on top of my full time job. Thankfully Australia and Costa Rica are in completely opposite time-zones making the live tutorials available during afternoons and nights for me, even though these aren’t required.

I’ve been doing for a week now. It’s been really cool. You get to meet awesome teachers and students from all over the world and you learn a lot from the very start.

I have to admit, and this is this is probably my day job as a UX & Digital product designer creeping in, the platform right now isn’t the smoothest experience. However, it seems like they’re making improvements by the minute. The Pandemic took everybody by surprise and we are the first online generation so we’re kind of all learning here so I’m actually impressed by how quickly they have responded and keep making all these improvements. I’m sure they’ll smooth out all the details and make a responsive site or even a progressive web app soon enough.

Now, back to all of the positive and amazing things. The lectures are pre-recorded. You can listen to them at your own pace. If you have questions, they also set live tutorials where teachers gather via zoom with a small group of peers and go over the main topics of each lecture and further discuss them. These get recorded as well in case you miss them, but they’re super helpful; not to mention that this is where you get to meet all these amazing people.

There will be a couple of assessments per class that do need to get handed in on a specific date, but other than that everything is pretty helpful. One of the changes that they made within the first couple of days was to use Microsoft Teams instead of an old-school Forum.

Something cool I also heard from one of the teachers is that they may be translating lecture slides and other resources in different languages. That’s so cool because in my case, even if I’m fluent in English, at the moment I live in Costa Rica. Most of the people I interact with and share the Gospel with speak Spanish so it would be really helpful to go over the materials in that language to get a better idea for some of the terms that are used, etc.

I’m really grateful to have gotten this opportunity. I know that it will be a challenge that will allow me to grow!